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I got to sit down and learn more about “The Story” behind SWYP and the launch of a very cool new resource app for Dental Professionals. Each of the 4 founders of the company shared their experiences along this journey. Listen in as Jim, Matthew, Ekram & Tony talk about the future of SWYP as well  (more…) View More

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I got the opportunity to spend time with Dr Sargon Lazarof, the inventor of The ULTRATOOTH, which is the only device cleared by the FDA for fully functional immediate tooth replacement. They are now celebrating the positive outcome of ongoing studies and a successful 25 year clinical track record. Dr Sargon shared his story of  (more…) View More

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I got to sit down and talk with Mike Crescenzo, CEO of Insight Dental Systems and Dr Thomas Bilski DDS, a practicing Dentist and the Clinical Co-Director of Surgical & Restorative Dentistry at The Midwest Implant Institute. View More

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In this episode, I get to sit down and talk with Rita Zamora of Rita Zamora Connections. She shared her passion for Dentistry and how she has been able to connect that passion with her skills in  (more…) View More

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I got the opportunity to sit down and speak with Dr Matthew Norton, Co Founder of Mindfluence Revolution. Dr Norton talked about the importance of having a “healthy leader Dr at the helm”, as well as some  (more…) View More