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The NEW KaVo OP 3D offers a complete X-ray platform—2D and 3D—designed for your advanced dental imaging needs. From initial investment to the daily use of the system, you can count on your OP 3D to be a sound, cost-effective asset in your dental practice.  Learn more about the OP 3D with KaVo Imaging Specialist Sam Gaunt and then go schedule a demo at – it’s  time to enter the world of 3D imaging, it’s never been easier. View More

Debra Dencek is a dental hygienist who recently developed CordEze for hygienists and clinicians alike in order to promote proper ergonomics when using a corded scaler or handpiece. View More

Becky Logue RDH is a former clinician and an inventor and entreprenuer. She is the President of Beckmer Products, the developer of The Dental R.A.T. View More

In this episode, I got the chance to spend some time speaking with Dr Ron Kaminer.

Dr. Ron Kaminer is an internationally known educator, traveling the world lecturing on dental laser technology.  He brings to each of his programs a comprehensive knowledge of the most cutting edge technologies in the dental market. View More