About Dental WebSmart Insurance Solutions, LLC

Move from overwhelm so your staff will be able to better focus on getting more accurate estimates for your treatment plans, increasing production, and be able to schedule treatment while patient is in the office. In addition the rapport between your front office staff and the patients will improve since the stress of dealing with insurance companies and denials have been removed creating a much more trusting and friendly environment to conduct business. You know implementing cash flow systems is critical to building your business for long term success.

  1. Implement technology that will make office more efficient to achieve Administrative Simplification and to free up front desk to focus on patients.
  2. Create proper insurance revenue cycle management: TIME, TOOLS, and
  3. Guidance on setting up bank account.
  4. Register with each Insurance company to receive EFT &ERA. Separate set-up process for each.(most hours spent doing this)
  5. Implement a more cost effective clearinghouse process for filing electronic claims.
  6. Implement an eligibility system for improved treatment plans.
  7. Create system in software program to except EFT payments.
  8. Create a system for receiving the ERA’s (electronic version of an EOB)
  9. Implement system for attaching x-rays to claims before sending electronically.
  10. To achieve improved cash flow and move the practice into leaving a paper based  insurance payment system to becoming an electronic based insurance payment system.

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