About Dental Innovations

Dental Innovations, Inc., is working with leading Dentists on a next-generation video solution previously developed at SmartStory Technologies for Fortune 100 clients. (J&J DePuy, Samsung, Ford, CVS, Covidien, UnitedHealthcare, etc.)

The dramatically simplified method of instantly summoning short-form video content at the height of interest and time of need, is being used by dental offices to close knowledge gaps and improve case acceptance.

The VideoText™ solution does not use; Apps, Search, Downloads, Logins or Passwords, Tablets or DVD’s. All video content is summand by the patient, texting their own mobile phone, using simple, practice-specific key words.

The marketplace feedback has been unanimous thus far. Mobile video has exploded and the simplicity of the VideoText™ user / patient experience is new and different.

The solution also includes a “drip-based” user experience which fully automates the delivery of short-form video content over multi-day / week intervals, creating long-term immersive and measurable engagement.

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