About Dental Warranty

DENTAL WARRANTY BEGAN IN 2009… when a patient passed out in a movie theater.  The patient had made the investment in a full-mouth reconstruction, so as he woke up on the theater floor, the first words out of his mouth were, “Are my teeth ok!?”  Luckily, his teeth were fine, and so was he.  But the shock of the fall led to some burning questions.

“How do you stand behind your work?” the patient asked his dentist, Dental Warranty founder Dr. Steve Titensor.  “How long will you keep fixing issues for free?  What if I move away?  What if I get in a bar fight?  Where is the line on what you will and will not cover?”

This conversation was the spark that led to the creation of Dental Warranty as a better way to give dental patients peace-of-mind on their cosmetic, restorative, and removable dental treatment.


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