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I got the opportunity to spend time with Dr Sargon Lazarof, the inventor of The ULTRATOOTH, which is the only device cleared by the FDA for fully functional immediate tooth replacement. They are now celebrating the positive outcome of ongoing studies and a successful 25 year clinical track record. Dr Sargon shared his story of as he took us back the “very moment” that he thought about the Ultratooth and then what he had to do to get it to market. It is a fascinating story and a true example of entrepreneurship! Thanks for sharing your story Dr Sargon!

More About Dr Sargon Lazarof & Ultratooth:

A former Clinical Professor at the USC School of Dentistry, Dr. Sargon Lazarof maintains a full time practice in implantology and is the founder of the Sargon Dental Implant Institute located in Encino, California, where doctors can train in both basic and advanced Ultratooth implantology. Dr. Lazarof, has performed more than 10,000 implants himself with an amazing 97% success rate. The system can be used for a single tooth or any number of missing teeth, and even for denture wearer.

Dr. Lazarof’s dream was to dramatically change the future of dentistry to the benefit of long suffering patients through the protracted implant process. Ultratooth,manufactured and distributed by Biodent, is the only FDA-approved immediate tooth replacement system where a tooth can be extracted with an implant in its place and be ready for full immediate use in less than one hour.  Traditionally the tooth implant process takes four to six months to prepare the hard and soft tissue, and then another four to six months for the bone to attach itself to the implant. Today, trailblazing technology allows the patented Ultratooth to be placed directly in the socket the day the tooth is extracted, and expanded to fit the cavity using a Molly toggle bolt with a unique expansion feature – a truly ingenious invention — saving time, money and patient discomfort.

Learn more at www.biodentinc.com

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