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I had the opportunity to spend time with Jennifer Schultz, Founder at The Achievement Blueprint. She shared her very motivating story and how her experience in dentistry drove her to become a creator and an entrepreneur. We talked about delegation, , time management and a lot of those tough things that dental teams are working through on a daily basis.

She shared how her software helps Dental teams focus on their goals and easily determine where their time can be best spent. We also learned some fun things about her as well! Thanks for sharing Jennifer!!


More About Jennifer & The Achievement Blueprint:

Jennifer Schultz has spent over 20 years working in and with dental practices as a hygienist, trainer and consultant. Jennifer has always been passionate about efficiency and productivity, and founded Virtual Dental Office and Dental Insurance Navigator to help dental practices save time on insurance training and tasks.

Jennifer then took this passion and created The Achievement Blueprint, a goal achievement system that helps individuals and businesses be more productive, communicate easily with their team, and achieve their goals more quickly.

Specialties: Time management, implementation, change management, tailored services of insurance benefit/claim management, coaching and systems for dental practices; improved productivity and profitability, effective and efficient processes and procedures; employment law; engaging team members, contagious energy in workshops


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John Stamper is the Host of The Digital Classroom, The Digital Tradeshow Podcast and AADOM Radio. He is also the CEO/Co-Founder of CE Exchange as well as the COO/Co-Founder of Goal Concepts. Follow John on FB, TW, LI & Instagram.

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