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In this episode, I got to spend time with LIVE with a Dental Hygiene Rock Star…Emily Boge. So, who is Emily, well, she’s a lot of things. First and foremost, she is a hygienist, however, she is also an inventor, educator and much more. We got a chance to talk about the her personal invention, the Boge 513. She shared the story of what it took to get that product to market and what it takes to be an inventor. An idea is one thing, making it happen is a totally different issue and she has definitely done that! Thanks for sharing your story Emily!


More About Emily:

Who is Emily Boge

She is the Dental Administrative Chair at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa.  In this role, she serves the Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Program Students, the faculty of the programs, and the staff of the Dental Clinic.  Prior to accepting this position in July of 2015, she was a full-time practicing dental hygienist at Dental Associates of Manchester in Manchester, Iowa.   In addition to working at the College, she maintains an active career completing research, product development, and evaluation of products for several major dental companies.  She also enjoy speaking and writing in dentistry.

She enjoy all facets of dental hygiene and dentistry, and prides herself on thinking outside the box when it comes to dental innovation and practice standards; especially when she is able to apply new ideas to clinical techniques that improve my standard of care.

She graduated from Hawkeye Community College Dental Assisting (2000) and Dental Hygiene (2003) Programs prior to completing my Bachelor’s in Psychology with a focus in Gerontology (2012) and a Masters in Public Administration (2015) at Upper Iowa University, and value lifelong education.  She is a current doctoral student at Allen College in Waterloo, IA studying to receive my EdD in Healthcare Education.

As a native rural Iowan, she married a fifth generation family farmer and machinist, and they live on the farm with their two sons.  She enjoy cooking and baking, target shooting, four wheeling with my boys, reading, and shopping.

Boge 513 Instrument – http://am-eagle.com/products/boge-513


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