In This Episode:

In this episode, I got the opportunity to spend time LIVE with another pioneer in the world of Dental Hygiene, Susanne Kuehl who is the owner of Hygiene Health, an independent hygiene practice in Kittery, Maine. Susanne shared her very inspirational story about the work it took to become an IPDH, otherwise known as an Independent Dental Hygienist.

She talked about the importance of ownership, not just in the context of her practice but clinically as well. She shared how important it is for Dental Hygienists to own the work they do each and everyday when working with patients. Very much enjoyed her story and her passion! Thanks for sharing Susanne!!


More About Susanne:

Susanne has over 35 years of clinical experience having worked with over twenty dentists in the seacoast area. As owner of Hygiene Health™ and Director of Hygiene Operations she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her patients. Her hybrid career includes ten years with Tom’s of Maine in Professional Relations and as Oral Care Associate Brand Manager re-launching their Children’s Fluoride Rinse with the ADA Seal (a point of pride).

She has worked as a consultant with Oral-B and as an Independent Professional Educator with Philips Sonicare and WaterPik. She has been president of the NH Dental Hygienists’ Association twice and is currently their Governmental Affairs Chair. Chosen by her peers as the 2014 RDH Mentor of the Year, she is a recognized professional in the oral healthcare industry holding dental hygiene licenses in NH, Maine and Massachusetts.

In June 2017, she successfully advocated to change the state dental law allowing part-time working moms (like herself) to apply for independent practice status. #NeverthelessShePersisted.

Hygiene Health™ believes that oral health is integral to overall health across all life spans. We want to see your smile last a lifetime


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