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Think about this…people sanitize their hands several times a day. Why? To kill germs and keep from spreading them. So, why would you not want to sanitize removable oral devices that you put in your mouth? And killing 99.9% of that nasty bacteria that lives on them? Soluria™ is a company with a passion to find solutions for good health.

We have developed two very special products just for that purpose. The products are marketed to the dental, orthodontic and sports market. They are called Smile Saver™ and Guard Health™. They are the only fast-acting, on the go, anytime, anyplace cleaning and sanitizing sprays for removable oral devices on the market today. They are completely safe and effective. They contain no sugar, no alcohol, no artificial ingredients and no peroxides. Flavors are all natural. They offer convenience, ease of use and do not require rinsing. They provide a 99.9% kill rate on device bacteria in 60 seconds (fast) and they taste great as well. They are offered in a 1 oz pump spray bottle with 180 sprays and can be used as often as desired. The price point is $14.95 in a single pack bottle. Discounts are offered for twin packs.

Our great natural flavors are Spearmint for Smile Saver™ and Sport Mint for Guard Health™. Getting teeth corrected does not have to be drudgery with bad taste or foul odors leading to bad breath. A great taste with a burst of fresh flavor goes a long way to providing relief from dental devices that smell bad and taste awful and could lead to bad breath. And Guard Health™ helps to freshen up an athletic mouth guard to avoid a foul taste. It helps prevent the athlete from getting sick from colonized bacteria. Illness is similar to Injury – the athlete is out of the game.

The formulations are patent pending, backed by good science. They have been tested in third-party labs with impressive results and consumer market testing gave the product exceptionally high marks, with 100% of Moms indicating they would buy. So, join those who have found relief from the negatives of wearing oral devices. Check out our offer below and begin to experience a fresh taste and bacteria free device that you wear in your mouth. Go for it!

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