About Twice as Nice Uniforms

For the last 2 years, Twice as Nice Uniforms have been dedicated to developing temperature regulating, OSHA compliant, stylish uniforms for the entire office. As medical professionals, we needed scrubs that moved with the body but retained their shape and added warmth for cold offices and theatres. We were tired of trying every previous methods of layering – including adding sweaters, fleece jackets, and long sleeves t-shirts which resulted in a bulky, sloppy appearance, loss of range of motion, and less hygiene.

The first step in creating our uniforms was designing a removable liner –  a very thin, temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking fabric perfect for fitting under scrubs without adding bulk. Next, we started developing the outer fabric. We needed a fabric that was easy to care for, required no ironing, and did not pill, fade, shrink or wrinkle. A soft fabric with a little stretch seemed like the right way to go. Our fabric moves with you and stays looking beautiful.

In designing Twice as Nice Uniforms, we worked with fit specialists and designed scrubs that are flattering to all body types, are comfortable and look amazing! As healthcare providers, we are very proud of our profession and education. Like any other professionals, we deserve to look good, and project a professional appearance while we go about our busy day. Your patients will recognize and appreciate the image that you project in a stylish, well-tailored, high quality uniform. When we feel good about our appearance, it reflects in our overall well-being!

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